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"Thousand Dimensional Mind” was conceived in 2002 in Venice and was terminated in 2006 in Bologna.


The work, of experimental literature,is particular in its  alternation of prosaic and lyrical  language. Sharp and vulgar language is often enclosed in poetry, causing marked highs and lows in the reader.


It's a journey within the mind and emotions of "Ninja Turtles", the main character, a young delirious man blocked inside a disco, with past memories, thoughts, strange encounters, introspective escapes and psychic confusion. In his hallucinations he contacts and talks to famous people such as Freud, Rocco Siffredi, Jessica Alba, George Clooney, Bruce Willis, Sharon Stone and many others.


The main part of the work was written in 2006 whilst I was in Bologna and went to raves taking photos for my works. I often used to sit and write not caring about the loud music and voices, lost in my thoughts with my pen and paper. I invented the mental journeys of “Ninja Turtles” surrounded by the utter chaos and noise of the people at the rave, in a sort of a modern pagan ritual “Thousand Dimensional Mind” was born.


The parallelism between the art works, which as a subject have a magma of people in saturated colour, and the atmosphere of the book are multiple and evident.


The book seems an instrument of cruel and violent auto-analisis, through its schizophrenic rhythm it dances in euphoria, visions, and devastating melanchonic cracks created by the poetry.


The work took a long time to complete but was printed in only 46 copies. 23 in Italian and 23 in English. A magical number but also 23 as my age at the time I completed “Thousand Dimensional Mind”.


These numbered and signed copies are available exclusively through artistic channels.



The book is present in "Into the Shadow of the Rainbow" Part 4: “Thousand Dimensional Mind” and is inside a hand-decorated art-box along with a limited edition triptych and a limited edition of V.I.T.R.I.O.L.U.M Ep.