2003_Song1: Black Hate Infinity (NIGREDO).

Drums by Samuel Bridi.

2006_Song2: Empatia (CAUDA PAVONIS).

Voices by Samuel Bridi.

2010_Song3: Fragments of an Enigmatic Control. (ALBEDO). Drums by Samuel Bridi.

2013_Song4: White Hate Infinity (RUBEDO).

Voices by Samuel Bridi.

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Cover Artwork of the V.I.T.R.I.O.L.U.M. Ep

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“Into the Shadow of the Rainbow” cycle also contains a musical part. The four songs describe four precise psycho-emotive situations. Through music I can reconstruct my evolutionary process,  using this particular method of self-discovery called “Visita Interiora Terrea Invenies Occultum Lapidem Veram Mediciam”. Each song has been played and recorded in an important period, in a particularly significant point of this artistic journey.

The four songs:


“Black hate Infinity” (original title “Aura Sinfonica”) is a piece recorded with the Venitian cult band “Eneth”, an avantgarde black metal band. A great musical group which has been very important for my human development. Having been interested in the esoteric from a young age, with members of the group I was able to expand my studies and reflections and at the same time transfer my thoughs into art/music. The album “Aura Symphonica”was enthusiastically accepted by the specialist press but printed late (2006) and never distributed because of problems with the Islandic  recording label Eletric Horizon Records. My poem, from which the lyrics were taken, is to be found in the book “Thousand Dimensional Mind”, an experimental-literature book which is part of the "Into the Shadow of the Rainbow" cycle.


“Empatia” (Into tha Shadow of the Rainbow”) is an experimental song recorded by using only my voice, I sang many times, superimposing my voice to obtain a sort of hypnotic effect. I remember that I had Bjork’s “Medulla” as a reference. The musical part was recorded straight after my degree and after the end of the book “Thousand Dimensional Mind” and before my decision to live on the streets. At the time I was very concentrated on the study of particular mantras and on self-hypnotism techniques enabling me to alter myself and the force of my body.


“Fragments of an Enigmatic Conrol” is an impovisation recorded with the excellent guitarist Federico Casagrand. I had just resolved some very difficult health problems and at the same time had left a metal band which no longer mirrored my being.  I was able to explain my project to Federico and we met in Venice, he from Paris and I from Trento. We recorded for an hour at a small studio in Venice, just a short time before one of  his concertst. Among many excellent impovisations this piece came to light, “Fragments of An Enigmatic Control” which perfectly represents the artist/alchimist in a moment of control after the storm, a fleeing and evanescent control, made of frenzy and melancholy, where the wounds of the past acquire some sense and become constructive experience (To listen Federico Casagrande's Music visit www.federicocasagrande.com).


“White Hate Infinity” (original title “Summer Solstice Incantation”) is a return to my extreme metal origin, from drums I move on to vocals. A return to starting point but with much more experience. My sensibility has been made into an undistructable wall. The piece was recorded at the home studio of Flavio Martignoni, an excellent metal guitarist who shaped all the musical part. His solo project is Nesmaras and I voluntered to do the vocals. The text was written by me and the references to esotericism are many; present also in the tribute to the great english magician Aleister Crowley; in particular I sing passages from his “The Book of Thot” (Thot was the Egyptian god of alchemy).

This song closes the circle and ends my alchemical journey.






"I started to study playing the drums at the age of ten. At eleven years old I started doing concerts. I  played Rock, Grunge and Alternative concentrating, in my adolecence, on Metal  and Progressive. I played a hundred of concerts and studio-recorded with a number of underground bands. I had to sacrifice, in part, my music and give precedence to my visual art, concentrating on the many works which form the “Into the Shadow of the Rainbow cycle”: a total art cycle where music has found an essential and important part."